Life and How to Live It

This week it’s been easy to keep my heart rate in an aerobic zone, and it’s actually taken significant effort to get out of it.  When I look at my pacing afterward, I can see that it’s slower than I used to run, without feeling slower.  That leads me to believe that my body has adjusted to my new easy pace, and this is more sustainable in the long run.

Less humid than yesterday, so much more comfortable.

I got my new Garmin, and I celebrated with a tempo run.  So, yeah, how about that humidity?  I think I almost died.  Mission accomplished! :-)

I had a headache, it was pouring rain, and my Garmin didn’t start this morning.  I still beat my personal best by over a minute, finishing the race in a chip time of 45:32.

I did a 15 km trail run this morning.  I can’t believe the temperature was 7C when I left home, although it did warm up throughout the run.

It was rainy and cool today, perfect for running!  

This is the end of week 1, and I finished with a nice run through the trails of Bechtel Park.

I plan to make Saturdays my trail-running days.  This week I went to the Walter Bean Trail, and it was absolutely perfect.  The temperature was in the low teens (Celsius), the skies were overcast, and there wasn’t much wind.  It was just me and nature; I didn’t meet anyone until I was almost finished.  I took a couple of wrong turns, but I found that trying to map out a trail run with Google Maps and a GPS is not a really great idea.

A 6 km easy run today.

I adjusted my heart rate zones today, and this was a more natural run.  The weather was still cool, so the pace was just a bit slower than my previous easy runs.  In the middle part, my heart rate actually dropped and I sped up to get it back over 150 bpm!